ATB Chapter 9

Editor: NU

Chapter 9 Awaken from the dream

“What?!” Nie Wushuang lost her voice and asked, “You’re going to lock me up in the woodshed for a groundless crime?” Gu Qinghong, aren’t you both talented and intelligent? Just think about it, how could I possibly know Shen Rumei was coming beforehand. Even if I want to harm her, I can’t poison her in my courtyard…”

She wanted to struggle and argue again, but the servants rushed in, grabbed her and dragged her out.

“Not me, not me… Qinghong, I do not hurt her…” She looked at his cold figure who were standing still, desperation suddenly poured into the body.

In her blurred tears, she saw a very pale anomaly in his deep eyes, like guilt and pity…

When the darkness came, she was thrown into the cold and musty woodshed.

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“Not me, not me…” She woke up with a sudden shock. The day was already getting dark. She has been sitting on the ground for several hours since she was thrown out of the Prime Minister’s fu in the afternoon.

Guniang, wake up!” A pair of old hands patted her cheek. Under the blurred lantern light, an old woman was looking down at her.

Nie Wushuang screamed and hugged herself. But as soon as she moved, the blood flowed out more rapidly.

“Poor guniang, why are you sitting here and even wearing such thin clothes ?” The old lady wanted to pull her up, but when the lantern was shining in her hand, she could not help crying, “Guniang, why did you bleed so much?”

Nie Wushuang only felt an extreme hot and cold fever, and the pain was like a knife stabbed in her abdomen.

It turned out that it was not a dream. She was really got divorced and was given a medicine to abort the child. Tears on her face flowed down again.

“Grandma, just let me die here, you don’t need to care about me….” Nie Wushuang couldn’t push the old woman’s hand and choked: “You just go, go…”

“Hey, poor guniang, life is so precious why do you have to say about death. Come home with granny, I will help you. Oh my!…. What kind of medicine is this? Is it safflower? (15) Heaven! .. I see that you’re clearly been given this medicine.” The old woman could not  say more and pull her up.

The old woman was used to hard work, and her strength was not small. Nie Wushuang struggled, and she could only let her drag back when she cried. On the edge of the back lane of Prime minister’s fu was an old simple house where ordinary people lives. The night was getting darker, and no one will pay attention to them.

When they arrived home, even a short distance made Nie Wushuang lose all her strength.

The old woman put her on a dry bed, lit a candle, she took off her blood clothes without listening to her protests, and used a hot water to wash her body with white spirit and ginger to drive out the cold.

The hot water warmed the limbs that had already been frozen and numb, and the tears flowed like rivers, never run dry.

Guniang, if you live in an infamy it is better than dying with honour. Looks like you’ve been driven out from a big family. If you suffer any grievances, you must endure them. Otherwise, if you die, the bad guys will succeed. One day God will open His eyes and gave you a chance for revenge, you can’t…”

The old woman’s words of inculcation were like chanting. Nie Wushuang’s tears gradually stopped. She opened her eyes and stared at the thatched roof above her head. She thought coldly: Yes, how could she die? She also has a father who loves her dearly, he will help her out, wash her grievances…

Child! … Yes, her unborn child! …She wants Shen Rumei to be buried with her child!

(15) 红花 (hóng huā) or safflower’s properties is helping the circulatory system, haemagogue and dissolve a blood clot.

Translator’s talk corner:

I’m releasing a new story called ‘Tales of Yu Pavilion‘. That kind of short story (but not that short so I’m separate it again!) about supernatural and the tales, It’s an awesome story and deserves more than 1 star lol. (Not know they are rating for my poor translation or they have been already read it. Because chapter 1 that I translate it’s only 1/5). And the vocabulary in that story seems harder than this. It took more time to translate.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy it!

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