ATB Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Confiscation (3)

The passerby saw her weird look and muttered “Lunatic!” and left. Nie Wushuang composed herself, and the words “collaborative with the enemy and the traitorous country” just like a pot of cold-water spill on a face to wake her up.

This accusation had always been the sharpest and most vicious weapon for the tyrannical emperor to assassinate his subjects. It seems that her father usual worries are right. The Nie’s clan was too influential. Her brothers were talented, especially the eldest brother, who guards in the northwest.

No! She was shocked. If the emperor had brazenly confiscated from Nie’s family, the eldest brother’s military power would surely be the first to be seized.

Big brother! Nie Wushuang’s face turned white as snow, and her older brother had already fallen to murderous scheme!

At moment, suddenly there was a noise in front of Nie’s gate. Nie Wushuang could hardly stand up and rush forward. The royal guards herded the old men, women and children out like cattle. The servant had pushed away into a prison car, the sound of spinning wheels rumbled around the street. The royal guards shouted again, blockaded the Nie’s house.

Nie Wushuang wiped her tears. Her heart had a premonition. She quickly asked someone next to her, “What about Lord Nie? Why didn’t I see Lord Nie?

“Aiya, guniang, did you not know? Lord Nie was under arrest on a month ago. I heard that there accompany with three ministries to examination. Tsk Tsk, and what had happened today, I think there are signs of that!”

Nie Wushuang’s mind was blank. A month ago, she suddenly remembered the indifference of Gu Qinghong over a month ago. The same time as Nie’s clan had an accident. He concealed it too well!

Good! Good! Nie Wushuang suddenly sneered, her throat had a fishy smell, then she vomited blood. Passerby screamed and fled. Nie Wushuang looked at their frightened faces and walked away with a smirk.

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There’s no need to look at… Everything was settled a month ago. She tottered toward the old lady’s house. Her heart was like boiling oil. She thought all the way. She was a divorced woman and even became a wanted criminal.

What else she could do? How did a weak woman like her would save her father and clansman?

Before she knew it, she had already arrived at the old woman’s house. Suddenly, a few people dressed up like servant were walked back and forth at the door of the old woman’s house. A treble and charming voice came out “Say! Where on earth did Nie Wushuang go?!”

Nie Wushuang sucked in cold air and quickly hid in the corner

it was Shen Rumei!

“This old woman did not know, she left in the morning…” The voice of the old woman was pleading.

Nie Wushuang understood clearly that Shen Rumei must be heard about Nie’s family was confiscated today, she even wanted to track down and arrested her!

Shen Rumei! You went so far, you had intended to exterminate me so much!

Her beautiful eyes filled in deep hatred, she trembly stared at the door. Shen Rumei, one day, all your actions, would pay the price for today!

She dared not delay any longer, turned around and staggeringly ran away. She had been running out of several lanes before she stopped breathlessly.

Looking up, there is only an ordinary street in the capital, with shops on both sides, pedestrians walked around such a lively scene. But in her heart, cold as snow three chi. The sky and the earth were boundless. Where could she find a shelter?!

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