ATB Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Fearfulness in the Spring Night (1)

Spring rain drizzled down, Nie Wushuang holds herself tightly, trembling, hiding in a dilapidated temple on Xixan (the western mountain) of the capital. the capital of Qi State was in the north, even it was early spring of March, it was particularly cold.

Nie Wushuang didn’t eat anything, she was cold and hungry. If she didn’t familiar with the capital, she found this remote place to hide. Otherwise, she didn’t even know where to live.

She couldn’t go back to the old lady’s home any more. Shen Rumei won’t be let her off if she found her. Nie’s clan was confiscated, all the people that she knew each other in the past, or people who were not too familiar with, could not be trusted.

Nie Wushuang shivered all over cold, wanted to cry but couldn’t cry. Nie’s family was annihilated, her father was imprisoned, also her brothers…

She rubbed her red and swollen eyes and stamped her feet to keep them away from freezing.

The long night was boundless, just as her way forward was uncertain and endless. Tears in her eyes are flowing down again. Nie Wushuang pinched her thighs so as not to let herself cry.

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Zhuzi, let take shelter from the rain here.” Suddenly there was a treading voice outside of the temple. A pleasant voice paid no attention. “Umm” sound, which clearly reverberated in the rainy night.

Someone’s coming! Nie Wushuang’s heart jumped with frightening suddenly hid under the shrine.

At the moment the group of people came to the temple, after a while, the group of people bustle about, set the fire. Nie Wushuang counted people through the tablecloth, this party approximately had five or six people, there were two looks like maidservants, two guards… When her gaze swept to the man’s foot in the middle, her head suddenly lit up, and a melodious voice giggled. “Zhuzi, there is someone hiding here!”

The unexpected ray of light made Nie Wushuang scream and flurried hide inside.

“It’s just a mad woman. Why did you frighten her for?” The pleasing, magnetic voice rang again, with an indolent and indescribable nobility

Nubi was wrong. Zhuzi, are you hungry now? That maidservant immediately curried favour with master then asked.

“Not hungry.” The ignorant voice said. Nie Wushuang sneaked into his eyes, and when her eyes met the man’s gaze, she couldn’t help but stunned.

See that man a pair of strange deep eyes, amber colour eyes were not like from Zhong Yuan (20), but like people from western countries, his beautiful face, deep eyes, prominent nose, his appearance was very charming.

On his head, he was carrying a jadeite phoenix-shaped hairpin. The jadeite looked simple and elegant, bright and radiant colour. But the hairpin was very feminine but made his handsome face looked more aesthetic.

He was wearing a pale blue robe, a same-colour gauze overcoat outside, a belt around his waist and colourful precious jade, which showed his noble and outstanding identity. In the cold weather, he wore a pure black mink (21) skin cloak outside. The cloak was like ink. His skin was very white, and he looked even more strangely beautiful.

Nie Wushuang’s mind was anxious and doubtful when she saw that his dress was either royalty or nobleman, but his appearance clearly showed that he was not from the capital, or even…Qi people!

She gasped, the man suddenly chuckled and looked at her like a knife. “Look like guniang doesn’t a madman. Her heart is bright like a mirror.”

He went to the idol step by step, the smile on his face was like a shallow moon in the water, he was beautiful and obscure.

Guniang doesn’t be afraid, let come out.”

(20) 中原 (zhōng yuán) the Central Plains (comprising the middle and lower reaches of the Huanghe River) In three kingdom period, have some phrase like ‘who gets Zhong Yuan, who gets the world.’ because three from seven of the old capital in the ancient time e.g. Anyang, Luoyang and Kaifeng also located in ‘Zhong Yuan’ or Henan Province in the present time.

(21) 水貂 (shuǐ diāo) European mink is mammal looks like a mongoose. Their skin and fur used to make winter clothes.

Black mink or hei shui diao

主子 (zhǔ zi) Master / Boss

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