ATB Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 Beautiful as Sword (2)

Chun Zhi turned back: “Do you know General Zhou Ning?”

Nie Wushuang reluctantly smiled, “I’ve heard about him and that his position was very high.”

She was ambiguous, but her heart beat faster. She knew more than that,  Zhou Ning was the minister of the Ministry of War. In the early years, he led one hundred thousand troops to broke through the invader of Qin State. It was very heroic. What was rare was that he worked in a civil and military,  and he received the title ‘Scholar General’. (29)

The most important thing is he was very close to Gu Qinghong! Prime minister’s fu often received his invitations. Gu Qinghong frequently went to the teahouse with him to taste the tea and chat , that’s the reason she waited for Gu Qinghong at the teahouse on that day.

Nie Wushuang was flustered.

Chun Zhi twitched her mouth and sneered, “High officer? Not a wanton ghost!”

Nie Wushuang’s heart jumped and uneasiness gradually expanded, an ambiguity reply. What Xiao Fengqing wants to steal from General Zhou Ning?

Soon comes the night, after Nie Wushuang had her dinner, immediately dressed up with the help of the wet nurse sent by Xiao Fengqing. She puts her makeup carefully.

Chun Zhi stared at the cloths and jewelry and murmured for a long time, “Heaven! It is so beautiful.”

Nie Wushuang looked at herself in the mirror unnaturally. Today she combed her hair into a high bun (30), revealing a slender neck. Pearl flowers comb made from tiny pearls just like stars were inserted on it, look elegant and noble. Eye tails draw into a phoenix tail, brush eyelids with light red made a pair of charming eyes more heart-wrenching. Drew light eyebrows and wore red color on the lips. Looking forward, there were none who could compete with her beauty.

She was wearing a very thin dancing dress with a high waist under the chest, revealing a little spring on her breast, which aroused people to loose in fanciful. Her long skirt waved away, her gauze was also embroidered with little gorgeous peach blossoms like a person was standing under the peach blossom tree then showered by peach blossom rain. Like an  idiom of ‘beautiful as a flower’.

Even a stern-faced wet nurse nodded when she saw her: “Guniang has a good shape and beautiful appearance. Now we can set out.”

Nie Wushuang looked at the mirror for a while, in her heart she smiled bitterly. Nodded at a wet nurse, took a black hood cloak, followed her out.

Chun Zhi seemed to understand what she was going to do, her eyes shows less jealousy, but more a pitiful.

An inconspicuous carriage had been waiting outside, she lifted the curtain up and  stunned, where she saw Xiao Fengqing’s eyes closed, leaning on the cushion.

He heard the movement, slowly opened his eyes. Even seeing his eyes were different from other people, Nie Wushuang was scared slightly as his eyes could read through people’s heart and mind.

He glanced at her, praise showed in his eyes then nodded, “Really good.”

Nie Wushuang looked up at him: “What does the Lord want Wushuang to do?” When she asked this sentence, cold sweat emerge her palms.

Xiao Fengqing supported his jaw with his hand: “I heard that you have many talents and skills , and was born in a noble family. I assume that you could play qin and dancing.”

Nie Wushuang nodded: “I’m quite proficient.” A Jinghong dance in that year, making her reputation of the number one beauty in the capital widely known. But since she was married, she devoted herself to become a good wife. She had never danced in front of Gu Qinghong. Normally that her skills would drop down slightly.

She paused, her beautiful eyes stared at Xiao Fengqing’s eyes. “General Zhou Ning knows Gu Qinghong.”

(29) 儒将 (rújiàng) means a general who is an equally accomplished man of letters

(30) 高髻 (Gāo jì) High Bun

Translator’s talk corner:

Wow, I didn’t expect my novel’s ranking on NU is that high. Thank you everyone 🙂



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