About Me

Hello Everyone!

I’m Tea Time, the only translator of this site. I am currently translating Adore Trick of Beauty. And I’ll tell you my next plan project is Phoenix Warriors. I have many projects to do so. But don’t know if I had time to translated or not. I cannot promise in anything. But I’ll translate this project till the end.

I’m not a English or Chinese native. Beware of my grammatical errors, wrong spellings, weird phrases, etc. I’ll use this opportunity to learn English/Chinese. Because in my real life is so cruel, I had no one to talks to. (poor me *sob*)

Like I said, every novels in this site belongs to authors. (please support them if your country had your own edition. But if it is a English Translation or against the law. I’ll deleted it.)

I’m just an amateur that want to share stories. But DO NOT copying my translated to another websites . I took so much time after work to do this.

Also you can supporting me by buying me a coffee! and you will get extra chapter.

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Hope you enjoying my works! 😉