The Fourteenth Year of Chenghua

Book version.
TV Series (Coming soon) – Jackie Chan is a producer
TV Series

The Forteenth Year of Chenghua

Author: Meng Xishi

Publisher: Beijing United Publishing co.,

Genres: Yaoi, Historical, Suspense


The eldest son of the Wuan Duke suddenly dies in his own house and a little official of Shuntian Prefecture finds out the truth just from the clues and traces. Since then, the strange friendship of the cold Jinyiwei guard Suizhou, Tang Fan, a civil official who loves food most and the proud leader of Dongchang Wang Zhi starts. They cracks many big cases together, such as the kidnapping case in the capital city, the case in Suzhou, etc. The language of this novel is rigorous but the plot is vivid, truly restoring the historical appearance of the Chenghua years in Ming Dynasty.

Translator talk’s corner:
I’ll posting it if I have time. If you’re interested in this story, please let me know. This story is protected.