Update 2

I’m back. Everyone still here???
I’m sorry for sending passwords too late. I didn’t open this page since August.
If anyone didn’t get passwords pls let me know.

I’ll post next chapter in 3-4 days. With no edited. I don’t know my dear editor still waiting for me here. So I want someone help me out.

And Thanks for sponsor me again! I’ll post it after I finished where I was last.




I’m still alive and do not die yet (but nearly). *sob*
Everything was mess in last month until now. Also, I put my foot on it by decided to enroll the class at university again. (THESE CLASSES ARE VERY HARD. No works but test 100% at final exam.) *look at pile of books and cry harder*

So, I will update these translations if I have a time…Soon soon… (mimic the sims voice.)




I’m bored with this theftmasters. I thought they stop but they come back. ;(

So what can I do now is PROTECT PAGES. ATB AFTER CHAPTER 4 (Chapter 33) is protected.

IF YOU WANT TO READ MORE. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. Leave your email here. Make sure it is correct. And do not post password or copying my novel to anyone. If I know it. You are BANNED. (Hopefully, you are not the one).

Sorry everyone. My patience has come to an end.


Update: I click ‘like’ in your comments that means the password has been sent. Please check your mailbox.

Update2: Don’t forget to write your email in my following box.

Thank you everyone that still supporting me. ❤