ATB Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 Beautiful as a Sword (5)

The scenes turned cold for a while. Nie Wushuang  felt as if Gu Qinghong’s eyes could penetrate through the veil and straight to the bottom of her heart.

Suddenly she gave a charming smile and snuggled at  Xiao Fengqing. She looked up and laughed, “Xianggong, why do man like to say this every time when they see qie shen?”

Gu Qinghong’s face sanked in when he heard the words. Xiao Fengqing laughed and leaned over her face to kissed her gently. “Because you’re endearing…come and meet His Excellency.”

“Yes.” Nie Wushuang smiled and bowed. “Qie pays respect to His Excellency.” Her voice was pleasantly delicate to hear.

Gu Qinghong’s face was complicated. His eyes kept shifting like clouds when he looked at Nie Wushuang. Suddenly, his voice was cold. “What is guniang’s surname? Why don’t you take off the veil and let other people see your face?”

Nie Wushuang raised her head, her beautiful eyes looked at him but her smile did not change: “Qie has no name nor surname, but my maiden name is Shuang’er. And for me to take of the veil, as qie is already a married woman, how could other men beside my xianggong see qie’s face? His Excellency, you are breaching of the etiquette!”

Her last sentence was very impolite, and Gu Qinghong’s face turned gloomier. She looked at him provocatively and undauntedly. Zhou Ning was stunned as he laughed to release the tensed atmosphere. “Well, all our guests had come, so please take a seat.”

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Xiao Fengqing’s hand wrapped around Nie Wushuang’s slim waist and apologize to Gu Qinghong. “My concubine was outspoken. Lin Mou will discipline her well later when we returns home.” When he said the last sentence, his eyes were full of teasing.

Gu Qinghong was furious like a brew of heavy storm. He looked coldly at Nie Wushuang, flicked his sleeve and sat down with dissatisfied expression.

Nie Wushuang looked at his back and felt very pleased in her heart.

“Remember your mission.” Xiao Fengqing bowed his head down; the warm breath was on the other side of her ear.

Nie Wushuang suddenly remembered the purpose of this trip. However, when she made eye contact with Gu Qinghong and sees how cold his eyes were, suddenly she realized that she was too close to Xiao Fengqing.

He was angry, Gu Qinghong who had always been gentle and elegant, was furious!

Nie Wushuang smile and stepped closer to Xiao Fengqing, while whispering to his ear: “Wushuang understands”

A faint fragrant of seductive beauty made Xiao Fengqing’s eyes darken. He could not help but look at her.

They whispered, laughed and flirts like intimate couples, all those gestures made Zhou Ning jealous and made Gu Qinghong appeared standoffish, which was rare.

Zhou Ning’s was really  attracted by Nie Wushuang actions, so naturally he did not notice Gu Qinghong’s displeasure. He smiled and invited Xiao Fengqing to take a seat while especially let Nie Wushuang  take his seat.

After exchanging greetings, the music started to play along with toasting each other.

Nie Wushuang seems like a refine boudoir lady, her movements were elegant and noble. Gu Qinghong’s face gradually sunk down.

Zhou Ning, who was on the other side of table, was more attracted to her. When they toasted, he accidentally touched her hand.

Nie Wushuang felt dissatisfied in her heart, Chun Zhi said was right as expected.

This ghost dared to flirt with her in front of Xiao Fengqing.

When the banquet was halfway through, the dancers and singers were retreating. Suddenly, Xiao Fengqing suggested, “My wife is also good at singing and dancing. Why not let her liven things up and perform for Your Excellency?”

General Zhou Ning naturally understood, while Gu Qinghong’s sarcasm cold voice said. “Does Lin gongzi like to show his wife’s face in public and become an inferior dancer?”

Xiao Fengqing laughed out loud, his eyes flash like lightning. “It’s far better than some people who return kindness with ingratitude by divorcing their wives and climbing up on a higher branch.”

妾身 (qiè shēn) self-address of a wife or concubine when speaking to her husband.

Translator’s talk corner:

I’m just hearing a bad news from weibo this morning (but I heard rumour more than a year) about China government will ban TV drama that related to Historical (历史) especially power struggle in imperial harem (宫斗) at this June. It also include Wuxia (武侠), Xianxia (仙侠), Mythology (神话), Fantasy (玄幻) and Biography (传记) types too. (Someone asked film companies and it’s confirm that is truth)

Now the drama that on-air are ‘Zhao Yao’ (招摇) and ‘Goodbye my princess’ (东宫) were removed from Youku recommenced list. Also TV Drama that finished on-air like Empress Dugu (独孤皇后) , The Flame’s Daughter ( 烈火如歌 ), Secret of three kingdom (三国机密). Or postpond on-air and then cut-off like The story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略), Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. (如懿传) ,etc.

More than 20 series that finished filming like 三生三世枕上书 (sequel of Eternal Love, the great deity Donghua and Little Red Fox Bai Fengjiu), 新白娘子传奇 (The legend of White Snake 2019), 庆余年 (Joy of Life), etc. That not yet on-air. They said it will release big lots as the same time before June.

Do not know that this measure will include web TV or not but still worry about there is no more Historical TV drama like this in the future.

What do you guys think about this?

Also. See you on Tuesday.

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4 thoughts on “ATB Chapter 28

    • Around 4-5 years ago. There was a news that a kid killed herself. She wrote a note something like. ‘I don’t want to be here anymore I’m just want to transmigrate to another world, find someone who love me.’ ( I think that it’s Bu Bu Jing Xin on -air at that time)
      So she thought about that if we die we can go to another world like novel or TV Drama. And many kids thought the same at that time, so they killed themselves because of this. So you could see that of drama are transmigrator thing and used knowledge of this present were banned. E.g. Feng Qiu Huang (Untouchable Love). FL transmigrate into Liu Chuyu but on TV drama she is twins of Liu Chuyu. Or Princess Agent No.11 she also transmigrates to a slave child and used knowledge to help ML. But on drama, she born a slave.
      So This is the same thing that’s why they ban historical drama because people start imitate about life in the imperial harem. That’s a reason why they want to ban it.


  1. Well, that sucks. I actually enjoy watching some shows of that kind ;( I hope there is still a way to watch them, Netflix maybe. That’s where I watched some of them.
    Btw, thanks for chapter. I’m really liking this story


    • Hopefully Netflix could build the content like this because all of the film companies. China government is a biggest shareholder. Also like if you don’t do it. Government will deal with you. Like Fan Bingbing that her career is over because she didn’t pay a tax.
      So don’t forget this country is a communist. You cannot defy the government.


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