Cast of Characters

The Cast of Characters in Adore Trick of Beauty. I’ll add name and Chinese characters up for later.

Qi State (齐国)

Nie’s Clan (聂) :The largest and powerful’s clan in Qi States

  • Nie Wushuang (聂无双) – The Di Daugther of Nie’s clan. Her father’s Chancellors of Qi state. Her Husband’s Gu Qinghong. She was the devastating beauty and had many talents. 
  • Nie Weicheng (聂卫城) – One of three powerful Chancellors in the court of Qi State. He had many children, such as Nie Wushuang and Nie Minggu.
  • Nie Minghu (聂明鹄) – The Eldest Son of Nie’s clan. He’s young and talented general.
  • Nie Mingzhe (聂明徵) – The Second Brother of Nie Wushuang.

Gu’s Clan (顾)

  • Gu Qinghong (顾清鸿) The youngest and most talented Prime Minister of Qi. He had a handsome and gentle appearance. 
  • Shen Rumei (沈如眉) – The new lover of Gu Qinghong. Her father’s Gu Qinghong friend but committed the crime. She was sold to the brothel. Later, Gu Qinghong helped her out.

Ying State (应国)

  •  Xiao Fengming (萧凤溟) – Ying Emperor. He was a powerful, smart, carefully and handsome man
  • Xiao Fengqing (萧凤青) – Rui Wang of Ying. The fifth prince of the late emperor who born with a foreign singer. He had amber eyes. 

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