ATB Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Imprisoned in the Woodshed

The dim woodshed was full of pungent musty smell. A pair of skinny hands stroked scratches on the door and forced to draw a vertical line. There was no sunlight in the room. This was the only way she can counting days.

Ten days!

Nie Wushuang thought coldly, while increasing her strength, perhaps because exerted herself too much, her fingers’ long nails suddenly broke. Although Ten fingers are linked to the heart (1), the scarlet blood emerge. She didn’t even blink her eyes, took the hand back, put it in her mouth, smelled the rusty blood. But this pain was nothing to her. Compared to the scene that was painful ten days ago…It’s really nothing.

She sat quietly on the hay in the woodshed, listening to even the slightest voice outside. Ten days, except for the little servant who sent the meal, no one came. After a while, the sound of footsteps in the yard, plus the sound of the iron chain hitting on the floor making a loud noise.

Nie Wushuang quickly stand up and straighten her messy clothes. She didn’t want anyone to see how hungry and embarrassed she was. She used to be the noble Di daughter of Nie clan, also the prime minister’s furen that was peerless beauty in the Qi State. Even if she was trampled into dust, she should maintain her dignity.

Maybe the person who came is him – Gu Qinghong, her husband. Could it be him? Her sorrowful eyes sparks the light of hope. The door of the woodshed suddenly opened, and the blinding light came from the outside made her eyes squinted. Nie Wushuang could not help herself to see who was coming.

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“Prime Minister’s furen, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you doing these days?” A soft voice came from outside the woodshed.

Nie Wushuang blinked and waited to see who the person was, she sneered “One day you will have the taste of being locked away!”

“How dare!” A wolf-like tigers’ ( fierce and vicious ) servants rushed into the woodshed and dragged her out. They pushed her on the hard floor and shouted, “Shen furen is here, why are you not kneeling!”

The rough stone scrapped her knees and wrists, made her delicate skin quickly shed blood. The pain was like a slap in the face, Nie Wushuang, who was already hungry to the point of fainting, suddenly regain consciousness.

She sneered and stood up, wiped the blood on her wrist away, and looked at the pretty woman in front of her, her hair full of beautiful golden hairpins, then mocked “Shen furen? When did the prime minister’s fu have a furen like you? Not to mention that Gu Qinghong still hasn’t married you yet. Even now, he hasn’t been divorcing me yet. You are a mere concubine but didn’t offer me tea. What kind of lowly furen are you?” After finishing her sentences, she swept her glance over to the servant, and those people bowed their heads in hesitation.

Shen Rumei showed dissatisfaction on her pretty face and  prepared to scold, suddenly thought of something and giggle, her red lips like blood said “Nie Wushuang, do you still think that you are the furen of the Prime Minister? Today I came under the order of his excellency, he said …”

Nie Wushuang’s face suddenly turned pale like snow. She shooks before she heard her own trembling voice: “What did he say?”

Shen Rumei only grinned at Nie Wushuang, as if she was enjoying herself frightening her out of her wits. After a while, enough with enjoyment, then she mocked

“His Excellency said that Nie Shi, after three years, childless, jealousy, wicked tongue, committed seven valid reasons (2), from now on, I am divorcing you ! “

(1) 十指连心 (shízhǐliánxīn: idiom) the nerves of the fingertips are linked with the heart. This idiom has 2 meaning. 1) Finger injuries are extremely painful 2) have close links with; closely relate to.

(2) 七出 (qī chū) formerly in the Chinese ancient time, the seven valid reasons for divorce are barrenness, adultery, disrespect to parents-in-law, wicked tongue, theft, jealousy and heinous disease

嫡 (dí) legal wife / of or by the wife (as distinguished from a concubine under the feudal-patriarchal system)

夫人 (fūren) Lady of high rank; wife of a feudal lord or senior officer. mean Lady; Madam; Mrs.

府 (fǔ) official residence; mansion/prefecture (from the Tang to the Qing Dynasty) / government office; seat of government/ treasury; a storehouse.

氏 (shì) Clan or Family. In the Ancient time, they called after a married woman’s maiden name; nee (e.g. Nie Wushuang: Nie Shi – Lady of Nie Clan)

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