ATB Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Cutting the Feelings

Nie Wushuang shivered all over, and then laughed out loud. Shen Rumei saw her untidy hair with a beautiful face that has now turned crazy, cannot help but stepped back: “What are you laughing at?”

“Who said that I am childless? You go and tell Gu Qinghong, now my womb already has his seeds. If he really want to divorce me, then come and see me personally ! I want to hear the word “divorce” from himself!” Nie Wushuang stared and coldly said to Shen Rumei.

Her gaze was like poisonous needles, made the other’s pretty face turned white.

“You… Are you pregnant? Shen Rumei unbelievably pointed at Nie Wushuang’s face. “When did you get pregnant?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can always ask the doctor to check my pulse. I have been pregnant for two months! This baby is biologically his flesh and  blood. Two months ago, you were still in a brothel, while, we, husband and wife are still the most enviable couple in Qi State.” Nie Wushuang mocked coldly.

No one knows that her heart was bleeding at this moment. Three years as loving couples, she did not expect to be divorced. This baby – this was her last bargaining chip that will hold him back and saved her destiny.

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“Wait here, I will ask this matter immediately.” Shen Rumei has many tricks up on her sleeves, after hearing the shocking news, she quickly left the room without any complexity looks.

The arrogant servants were silent. They thought that Nie Wushuang could not be able to hold her head high again. They didn’t expect that she was pregnant until now. Some of the servants thought of the kindness of Nie Wushuang that ruled in fu and began to regret it. They really shouldn’t have listened to Shen Rumei’s instigation, thinking that they could insult furen when she was abandoned and fawn on the new mistress.

They are uneasy, and Nie Wushuang looks at the pre-spring sky’s colours that are not clear in March.

She still remembers that she also met Gu Qinghong at this time. In the early spring of March, there were ten miles of Peach Blossom Forest outside Tianchan Temple.

The handsome man in the forest, holding the poems in his hand, heard footsteps coming from behind and smiled at her. From then on, the noble daughter fell in love with a man with poorly status and determined to marry him.

She still remembers that her father was worried as he said: ” Shuang’er, Gu Qinghong’s smiles does not reach  his eyes, I believe that he is not really sincere to you.”

At that time, she was very angry at his words and forced him to swear in front of her father: from now on, we are one, cannot be betrayed, cannot be separated.

It turned out what her father’s words that day became a prophecy.

She laughed softly, two lines of tears slipped from her eyes.

There was another sound of footsteps at the gate of the yard. Nie Wushaung glance when she saw the arrogant smile on her pretty face, her heart sanked.

“His Excellency has an order, if you want to go out of the fu, you must abort this evil seed in your belly!” Shen Rumei received a bowl of black liquid soup from the maidservant’s hand behind her and approaching step by step.

“No, no… I don’t believe this! I don’t believe this!” Nie Wushuang eyes widened and shook her head, couldn’t believe this terrible result “This is his child, no, I don’t believe this! You call Gu Qinghong! Tell him to come! I want him to tell me personally!”

She screamed wildly in pain, anger and grievances… no longer restrained.

Shen Rumei’s eyes filled with disgusts and sneered, “How could His Excellency who is very busy able to be here , and asks such a trivial matter? Nie Wushuang, you should move on from him, obediently drink this bowl of medicine, and then get out of here!”

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  1. The fact that her husband didn’t come see her, I’m wondering if he didn’t know about it and his new wife just pretended to go see him. But then again the 1st husband is always a heartless prick

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