ATB Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Heartless man (2)

Mo Xiang could not bear it. “Furen, why don’t you tell His Excellency that you are pregnant, so those slaves dare not look down upon you! Besides, Furen, you are still the daughter of the Nie’s Clan and the proper wife of His Excellency. What about that lowly Shen Rumei? How dare she compete with you?”

Nie Wushuang wiped the tears from her eyes, shook her head with a sneer: “You can see from his action that new love is better than the old, the main wife cannot compare to the spoiled concubine. Even if I have a child, what should I do? At this time, it’s just a drop of water splashed on his head. I will wait for the time being and choose the best time to tell him about it!”

She touched her flat abdomen and wondered, maybe he was just confused for a while…

But It’s not the time yet to changed her husband’s mind. Instead, the showed off and slandered by Shen Rumei.

After a dozen days went by very smoothly, one day, Nie Wushuang got up early, after washed and dressed, suddenly she heard a report from the servant. “Furen, Shen guniang asked for an audience.”

“She is not receiving any guest!” Mo Xiang shouted angrily.

Nie Wushuang carefully stick in a golden flower ornament (10) on her forehead, then turns back, “Okay, let her in”.

Furen, you…” Mo Xiang was puzzling.

Nie Wushuang looked at the women in the mirror, snow white and shiny skin, dark eyebrows without drawing, lips without any added colour, dressing a little she was always better than countless other women. Naturally, she knew how beautiful she was. Nie Wushuang, when she was a maiden, was the number one beauty in the capital of Qi State.

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Playing Qin, playing chess, writing calligraphy and paintings, she was very proficient, and more the “Jing Hong” dancing (11) on the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet was amazing. Her beauty was better than an unspeakable momentum. If the ethereal spirit was a rare orchid, but with an indescribable extravagance, others will not imitate it.

Although Shen Rumei was beautiful, it was just beautiful by a piece of pearl powder. Compared with her, it was not even worth mentioning.

It was painful to think, even if the heart hurts when her husband was being unfaithful to her, but she will never allow her future children to have a hard time because she was not favoured.

Nie Wushuang smiled coldly in her heart: “If she wants to come how can you stop her, this kind of things will happen one day.”

During the conversation, Shen Rumei was already strolled in with the maidservant supporting her. When she saw Nie Wushuang in orderly clothes, she couldn’t help feeling inferior. She knew Nie Wushuang’s unparalleled reputation.

In the brothel, didn’t know how many women were envious with gnashed teeth whenever they talked about her. Not to mention that Nie Wushuang was born in the Nie’s clan, the largest clan in the capital. Her father Nie Weicheng was one of three powerful chancellors in the court. However, she never has any intention towards the noble sons, instead choose Gu Qinghong, who was still a poor scholar at that time.

Remember the day after when Gu Qinghong passed the Imperial Examination and riding a horse around the street, his handsome and elegant face surprised the old and young ones in the capital. No one has ever seen such a young and handsome Zhuang Yuan before, until then all people were impressed with Nie Wushuang’s choices.

This is a talented man and a peerless woman, such a match made in heaven (12).

“Rumei paid respect to furen.” Shen Rumei concealed her envious heart, pretend to kneel with pitiful looking.

Nie Wushuang did not help her up, just let her kneel, while smiling she lightly said, “Shen guniang, you can let go of the rituals. How are you adapting to the fu?”

“Very well, His Excellency is very kind to Rumei.” Shen Rumei looked up with a triumphant smile in her eyes.

(10) Women in Tang Dynasty like to decorate their forehead by drawing or used golden ornaments if you decorated with gold it called 金钿 (jīn diàn), draw small dot on dimples called 妆靥 (zhuāng yè) or 面靥 (miàn yè), later dimples make up developed into another shape, draw oval shape like almond called 杏靥 (xìng yè), flowers shape called 花靥 (huā yè) even draw circle that have hole in the middle called 钱点 (qián diǎn). If you draw a dot on your cheek, called 靥钿 (yè diàn).

Jin Dian on her forehead
Zhuang ye on her dimples
Wu Zetian Empress by Fan Bingbing
Sometimes they draw a flower on the forehead like this
Goodbye my princess (TV Drama) / Eastern Palace or Dong Gong (Novel) by Peng Xiaoran (Xiao Feng)

(11) 惊鸿舞 (Jīnghóngwǔ) Jinghong Dancing that is one of the well-known dance in Tang Dynasty. You can watch below.

(12) 天作之合 (tiān zuò zhī hé) a heaven-made match; a union made by heaven

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