ATB Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Falling into a trap

Nie Wushuang’s face was white and her body shook.

Very good… Shen Rumei said that he is very good to her.

Only two words, already digs a pain in her heart.

Shen Rumei rose and sat beside her, asked eagerly about all sorts of questions. Nie Wushuang looked at the delicate face shaking in front of her, restrained the impulse to rush herself towards her. She wanted to tell her to get out of her and Gu Qinghong’s world. If she hadn’t been a patient person by reason, she would have lost her mind.

At the end of a conversation, Shen Rumei went away with great triumph.

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Nie Wushuang watched her go, glancing blankly over the teacups on the table. With a wave of “crash” in her hand, the fine teacup of Qingzhou Porcelain Kiln was instantly broken into thousands of pieces.

Furen!” Mo Xiang startled. Nie Wushuang looked at her with no expression “I’m tired, do not let anyone disturb me.”

After a while, someone in the courtyard suddenly shouted, “Shen guniang has an accident!”

“An accident?” Mo Xiang asked herself doubtfully, “What’s happening? She’s all right just a moment ago.”

Nie Wushuang was leaning on a beauty coach (13) and suddenly her heart sank. What happened to Shen Rumei who just left here moments ago?

Suddenly, Gu Qinghong stepped in the room and said, “Did Rumei come here just now?”

“Yes.” Nie Wushuang stared at his eyes.

“What did she drink or eat?” Gu Qinghong asked, vaguely irritating.

“Shen guniang drank a cup of tea and didn’t eat anything.” Mo Xiang quickly replied.

Nie Wushuang suddenly stood up and looked at his eyes: “What do you suspect? Do you think that I poisoned her?”

“When Rumei came back, she had an abdominal pain such as twisting with bluish face, so it must be poisoning.” Gu Qinghong looked at her bright eyes and unnaturally avoided them suspiciously.

Nie Wushuang sneered and approached step by step. “You mean she was poisoned when she came here for a cup of tea?”

Gu Qinghong turned his head indifferently, and there was no tenderness on his gentle face. “Otherwise, what do you think? I admit that I’ve spent these days in her courtyard, but you don’t have to be so jealous. She is just a weak and helpless woman. Why are you being so cruel?”

Nie Wushuang was shocked all over. For more than ten days, she finally heard him admit his favoured for Shen Rumei personally. Weak woman? Did he forget that when she married him, her father and her family did not forgive her, and finally broke off their contacts, she was also a weak and helpless woman at that time!

She sneered and even laughed until torn.

Gu Qinghong’s clear eyes shrank slightly. Then he said in a cold voice, “Which tea that Rumei drank, where is the teacup? Let me see it.”

Mo Xiang suddenly said, “The teacup of Shen guniang has been shattered,Nubi has taken out and thrown away.”

“Thrown away?” Gu Qinghong raised his eyebrows, turned his head and looked coldly at Nie Wushuang “Did you intentionally smash and throw away?”

Nie Wushuang’s red lips contained a hint of cold smile, but her tears flowed down. “I did it myself. Gu Qinghong, we are husband and wife for three years, if you want to cut off our relationship, I have nothing to say. I only ask, do you have a conscience?”

“You forgot that I never hesitate to marry you and shared our happiness and sufferings. I had pawned all my jewellery to support your life and helped you to succeed in the government examination! (14) I am your wife! look at me well…! What do I mean to you? What did I do wrong, that you have to marry a concubine from the brothel?!” She shouted herself hoarse.

Gu Qinghong kept silent. After a long time, he turned his head … with a pair of beautiful eyes reflected her tears, he uttered a sentence “Nie Shi’s jealousy committed immoral conduct. Locked her up into the woodshed from now on, I will find out the truth and decide later.

(13) 美人榻 (měirén tà) Beauty couch or Gui Fei Couch

(14) 金榜题名 (jīn bǎng tí míng) means have passed the examination; succeed in the government examination

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