ATB Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Confiscation (2)

The old woman was shocked, and then carefully looked at the beautiful face of Nie Wushuang, and quickly asked: “Guniang, what are you talking about?”

Nie Wushuang only cried bitterly. After a long time, she raised her face. Her beautiful eyes were full of tears and filled with deep hatred.

She wiped her tears away and pleaded with the old woman, “Granma, I have to go and see it myself. please lend me some clothes, I must go and see it!”

The old lady nodded helplessly when she saw her bravely expression “Well, if Lord Nie is really your father, you should go, but guniang, this time the decree is confiscated your properties, you must not let anyone recognized you if you are recognized it…”

Nie Wushuang gritted her teeth and nodded: “I know that if I recognize it, I will have to be taken away, either as an official prostitute or exiled for thousands of miles.”

Qi state’s criminal provisions: If the daughter of a criminal officer had been married, she may not be involved if she marries a three grade of official or higher. But now she was not qualified from this law. When she thought of here, pain arose in her heart like a raging sea.

Therefore, a reason that Gu Qinghong couldn’t wait to separate from her! He followed the emperor every day and knew that the Nie’s family would be the first target from the emperor.

The last thing she could think of that he was not willing to shelter her. It is even possible that the emperor’s decree was his intention to confiscated Nie’s Clan!

Nie Wushuang thought and chill, she always thought that she was in love with him, did not expect that the gentle husband who was sleeping next to her for three years was so deep-minded and ungrateful!

She dared not think any further. She took the old woman’s clothes and put them on in a hurry. The old woman was worried about her miscarriage, if she got to chill, she would sick so let her dress her in dense clothes, and wrapped her hair, like a waterfall, in a turban. Although she was heavily dressed, a beautiful little face like as palm size was still obvious. Nie Wushuang could not help but reflect for a while, grabbed the mud and wiped it on her face for a few times until looked like a simple village woman.

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Nie Wushuang bid farewell the old woman and went out the back door. She disappeared to Nie’s house in the east of the city. She was very weak after a miscarriage. She could only take a few steps and rest for a while. Her face and back were cold and sweaty. Her heart was burning with anxiety, also filled with painful and repentant.

If she had not self-esteem, last month she should have sent someone to contact her father. Even if she had cried to her father for help, the situations would not be the worst like this.

It’s not easily walked to Nie’s house in the east of the city. Her slender feet were blistered by rough shoes. As she watched from afar, her heart sank, only to see that Nie’s gate was surrounded by all the royal guards, inside of a house, could be heard faintly crying. She rushed forward, grabbed someone from a crown then asked, “What is going on?” Why did the emperor confiscate Nie’s family?”

“Is guniang coming from the countryside? I heard that Lord Nie collaborated with the enemy to betray the country, Tsk Tsk, not only confiscated but also exterminated the entire family!” The man shook his head.

Collaborated with an enemy and treasonously betray the country! Confiscated and executed nine generations! Nie Wushuang only felt that her eyes were black and suddenly passed out.

Guniang…Guniang…” A kind-hearted person who quickly took her to the side of the street. Nie Wushuang woke up half a day later.

She was staring at the dazzling sky. Suddenly she shed tears and sneered, “What a collaborative with an enemy and traitorous the country! Gu Qinghong, you want to ruin my Nie family! What a heartless man!

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