ATB Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Point of no Return (2)

“If you said you are xiao jia who is in distress from some family, maybe ben gongzi will accept you as a concubine because you are so beautiful. But you said that you are Nie Wushuang makes it difficult for me to help you. With todays happening on Nie’s Clan entire family that  has been confiscated and executed, made you a wanted criminal.” With his hand on his chin, he smile and said, “Hiding a wanted criminal, will be sentenced by beheaded!”

Gongzi doesn’t believe that I’m Nie Wushuang?” She felt that her plan had been defeated under his eyes.

“If I believe you, what did I get?” His voice was cold, but still pleasant.

“I…” Nie Wushuang felt hopeless, this was a crazy idea that passed through her heart.

She threw herself at his feet and trembled: “If gongzi take me in, Wushuang knows many royal secrets of Qi State, the defense mapping of the  frontier, the relation of officials, and lots of other things. Wushuang know that wang ye make a trip here, will have something important to do, Wushuang will risk her life for wang ye!”

She looked at his handsome and enchanting face. He was the last flame of hope. As long as he was willing to take her in, she will do anything.

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Now in her eyes and mind, she wants to settle this bloody debt. For a chance of revenge, she can betray Qi!

She imagined more than a thousand times that one day Gu Qinghong will kneel at her feet and cry bitterly. She wanted him to regret what he had done!

She wants to find out who framed her Nie’s Clan! Then make that person suffer hundred times more pain!

In the rainy night, the sound of wheels spun on the empty road, but inside  the carriage was silence..

The man suddenly laughed and said, “You mean that you’re going to betray Qi state?”

“Yes!” Nie Wushuang looked up at him suddenly. In the darkness, her eyes reflected the light outside the carriage, which was blindingly bright: “Nie’s family was framed, all the properties has been confiscated  and the entire family was exterminated, I have no kith and kin or mournful for Qi!”

He was silent for a long time and suddenly said, “You just called me wang ye. You called me by the wrong name.”

“No, I did not. Two or three days ago, Wushuang have known Wang Ye’s identity since I met you at that abandoned temple” said Nie Wushuang confidently.

“Oh? What do you know ?” Suddenly he laughed, “If I was really wang ye, so who am I exactly? Speak, if what you say is correct, then I will take you in,  but if you can’t say anything, don’t blame me for being ruthless.

Nie Wushuang suddenly think of that night, she guessed his identity by the dragon’s embroidery on the man’s shoes in that abandoned temple, but as for who he was…

She could not help staring at the man’s strange eyes, trying to recall what her father said to her.

“From here, there’s only one ke (27) before we arrive at my friend’s yuan. (28) If you can’t think of it, ben gongzi will call Ah Si…” then he didn’t say more.

Nie Wushuang think for a while, her beautiful eyes showed a self-confidence, “You are the Fifth Prince of Ying state. Surname’s Xiao. Name’s Fengqing. You are Xiao Fengqing!”

“How did you know that?” Xiao Fengqing smiled and did not reprimand her for calling his secret name.

“In the dilapidated temple, although wang ye tried to hide your identity, but the dragon’s embroidery on your shoes shows your prince’s identity. Your ankle boots are higher than the shoes of Qi State showed that you are Ying people. Only the weather of Ying State is colder than Qi State, so shoes are generally made like boots.” Nie Wushuang analyzed, “Your eyes are amber. Among the prince of Ying state, only the fifth prince that…”

Suddenly she shut up and dare not to say anymore.

刻 (kè) a unit of time = 15 minutes.

院 (yuàn) means a designation for certain government offices, public places or courtyard.

本公子 (běn gōngzǐ) means this gongzi

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