ATB Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 Late Night Call (1)

She thought about her father’s words in the past, he said: “Ying’s emperor had many sons. Only the fifth prince who was born by a foreign singer while visiting the border. He was raised by the empress at that time. Although Ying’s emperor extremely favored him, often praised him for ‘astuteness’ ‘farsighted’ and ‘can take care of a great responsibility” but because of his mother’s lowly origin, therefore his final decision named the third prince, Xiao Fengming, became the crown prince…”

Nie Wushuang’s body bend inside the carriage, cold sweat dripped down from her forehead and her shoulders trembled slightly. She had forgotten about this and almost caught trouble by a tongue. She talked so eloquently but broke in a halfway, how can Xiao Fengqing who is in front of her not be suspicious?

She’s done! Nie Wushuang had only three words echo in her mind.

“They said that the fifth prince’s mother is a foreign singer, his origin is humble, and have different eye colour…” Xiao Fengqing suddenly chuckled: “Good! Good! Good!”

He said “good” words three times, his face still smiled like the spring breeze. Could not see clearly whether he was happy or angry.

Nie Wushuang extremely regretted it, wanted to explain away but the carriage had stopped. She held her breath, looked up at the man in front of her, nervous and unable to speak.

“Get out of the carriage.” Xiao Fengqing sat up, pulled his robe, prepared to get out of the carriage.

Nie Wushuang hurried rushed to her feet. Kowtowed repeatedly: “Wushuang was wrong. Asking wang ye to forgive my mistakes! Wushuang did not mean it, Wushuang dare not make a joke and disrespect wang ye!”

“Get off!” Xiao Fengqing didn’t even give her a glance. “It doesn’t matter to me if you think you can get revenge by just saying words on the carriage.”

He pulled her away and got out of the carriage. Looking back, his face fluttered and dimmed under the carriage lamp, and a white hand stretched out to her: “If you want my help, it is not difficult, let me see how much you will pay the price for your vengeance.”

Nie Wushuang was overjoyed and held his hand tightly.

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Blood, lots of blood gushing out from the ground, fogs are all in four directions. She looked around blankly.

“Shuang’er, I said that Gu Qinghong was not sincere to you, but you do not believe me. Not only you harmed yourself but also hurt your family of more than a hundred of lives…” A sudden chillness blew to her ear.

She was startled and looked back abruptly. She saw her father looking at her with his bloody eyes.

“Little sister, what benefits does Gu Qinghong give you? Why did you get angry with your brothers for him?” Her little brother came out of the mist, his face was pale and gloomy.

“No, no… I don’t, dad, little brother, I don’t…” She kept shaking her head, no, she didn’t, she didn’t!

“Little sister, my future has been ruined by you…” her third brother sighed and said.

“No, I don’t, it’s not me…ah…” She suddenly awakened, in the dark night all around  was quiet. Her heart was still beating vigorously when she touches herself, full of sweat.

On the bed next to her, Chun Zhi murmured, turned over and went back to sleep. Nie Wushuang claimed herself down.

After a long while, she got out of bed and move towards the window, saw the faint moonlight outside was warmed. Suddenly someone called from the outside window: “Wushuang guniang, Your Highness wants to meet you.”

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I’m just forget to tell you that this is Chapter 3.

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