ATB Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 Beautiful as Sword (3)

Xiao Fengqing just laughed, “I know. What if he had seen you? Have you ever heard of it?”

Nie Wushuang thought about it.

Xiao Fengqing  quietly said : “You were the number one beauty in the capital of Qi. General Zhou Ning had been called ‘Xiao Zhou Lang’, and pretended to live like a wind. For such a kind of person, could not say that he had not attempted and fancy you? He repeatedly visited Gu Qinghong, not just to talk about the world.”

Nie Wushuang choked. “What do you mean?… He has intentions for me?” It is impossible… Although General Zhou Ning delivered the invitation at the door, he and Gu Qinghong usually had their conversations freely in the teahouse outside the palace, and rarely enter prime minister’s fu, moreover let her come out to see the visitors.

The very handsome like devil Xiao Fengqing smiled, even the glistening of the night pearl in the carriage was not comparable to his smile.

“General Zhou Ning is a hypocrite. He wanted to see you but afraid that people will ‘say three things knowing four things’ (31), besides he is a minister in the imperial court. If he is too close to Gu Qinghong, who had originally come from a poor family, he surely will make the aristocrat families in the capital dissatisfied and will also alerts the Emperor. Naturally, he would not be that foolish. He would only wanted to be seen as a guest.” Xiao Fengqing slowly analyzed.

He suddenly approaching, Nie Wushuang only felt like something flashing in the eye. His slender hand had already taken out a pearl veil, as thin as a cicada’s wings (32), the fluttering gauze material was adorned with tiny pearls.

“Put it on.” He ordered.

Nie Wushuang put it on and looked up at him. Her face almost covered by the veil, leaving only a pair of charming eyes exposed, which looked very enchanting.

She saw his eyes gradually shows satisfaction, slender fingers stroking her eyes with his unique scent. Nie Wushuang heart jumped and quickly bowed down.

“A wife cannot compare to a concubine; a concubine cannot compare to a thief; a thief cannot compare to a touch.” Xiao Fengqing smiled coldly: “The reason why beauty is beautiful, because of beauty can’t be seen clearly if it’s separated from the clouds. I’ll make him want to see you tonight, but yet he can not.”

He pulled and sat her next to him, leaned over her ear and whispering, “If you want a revenge, you have to do what I said. I want you to get something…”

He whispered in detail. The more Nie Wushuang listened, the more frightened she became. She stared at him in surprise.

His beautiful long eyebrow raised: “you don’t want to?”

“No..” Nie Wushuang bit her teeth and said, “I hope that wang ye will keep his promise and help me get a revenge in the future.”

Xiao Fengqing raised his eyebrows, his eyes showed playfulness: “As long as I hold the power in my hand, you will have a day for revenge.”

The great power within his grasps?! Nie Wushuang heard a strange meaning in his tone. When their eyes met, she saw a forbearance wild ambition in the bottom of his eyes, and felt her heart shivering.

Xiao Fengqing, he hides his identity and come to the capital of Qi State,  he must have had other aims!

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“Lord, …something is not right.” the coachman’s low voice can be heard from outside the carriage.

“What is wrong?” Xiao Fengqing asked.

“It seems like General Zhou has invited other guests.” The coachman said in his uncertain voice: “Look at the carriage, it seems like the carriage of Lord Gu.”

Nie Wushuang was slightly shocked, but her heart suddenly turned cold.

(31) 说三道四 (shuō sān dào sì) make carping [thoughtless] comments on; make irresponsible remarks

(32) 薄如蝉翼 (báo rú chán yì) as thin as a cicada’s wings = very thin like a translucent.

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