ATB Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 Full of Hate

Nie Wushuang coldly asked, “Why should I go?”

While withstanding her dizziness, she approached him step by step, and  her eyes was shedding tears. “It is reasonable that I should have left the capital city with nothing but in impoverish situations. You need me to leave you, so that you would not have uneasiness and suffers from your conscience. You can deceive yourself as not being the executioner nor the murderer that executed my entire Nie’s family, or not even the murderer of your own child?”

“Gu Qinghong! I cursed you, that you will meet my entire Nie’s unjustly souls demanded for your life every night! Even if you go to hell, I won’t let you off!” She gritted her teeth while saying these words.

Gu Qinghong’s body slightly shook all over. “So, in order to retaliate against me, you are willing to be someone else’s concubine and deign yourself as a dancer?”

He suddenly exploded, grabbed her arm and pull it hard. Nie Wushuang could not stand against him and was thrown to the ground.

Her mind went blank, while blood trickled down from her forehead.

She lowly laughed, raised her head and looked at him coldly. She charmingly smiled and said, “Yes, I wallow myself to be other man’s concubine, dancing in front of people that’s enough to make me a qualified professional dancer. Everything I did was because you forced me to do! How many ungraceful things and crimes I have committed, in the end, it’s all because of you!”

“You!” Gu Qinghong took a step forward and raised his palm high. But when he looked at Nie Wushuang face that was full of blood and her deeply hatred eyes, he could not slap her.

Nie Wushuang strenuously stood up and looked at him coldly. “Hit me! If you don’t beat me until I die now, one day you will regret it that you let me go today!”

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“What’s happening here?” Xiao Fengqing’s lazy voice came from behind them.

The next moment, Nie Wushuang only felt a pair of warm hands helped her up “How could you be so careless and fell. Let me see.”

He raised her chin and heartbrokenly said, “my poor girl, what if you disfigured your face?”

Nie Wushuang raised her head and saw a smile but not a smile like warning in Xiao Fengqing’s eyes. Her heart felt a little startled and regretted after her impetuous actions. She shouldn’t have angered Gu Qinghong as she had just done.

“Take a rest in the carriage and wait for me.” Xiao Fengqing commanded her and turned to Gu Qinghong with a polite smile. “Lord Prime Minister, let’s go, we should have two more drinks before the banquet is over?”

“No need.” Gu Qinghong  coldly said and went away.

“Zhu Shang…” Nie Wushuang still wanted to say something more, but Xiao Fengqing had turn away and left.

Nie Wushuang waited in the carriage, the wound on her forehead was no longer bleeding. After finishing the banquet, Xiao Fengqing got into the carriage with an alcohol stench around him.

He did not say a word. the coachman took them back to the other courtyard.

When they arrived at the courtyard, he said coldly, “Come with me.”

Nie Wushuang was very tired and her body was cold, but she could not help but follow him to the hall.

Xiao Fengqing watched her coming closer, a sound of ‘pa’ coming from her slapped face. Nie Wushuang couldn’t help but falling to the ground and couldn’t return from her shocked for a long time.

“Do you know what you have done wrong?” He asked coldly.

Nie Wushuang covered her face. “I shouldn’t provoke Gu Qinghong.”

“You knew that but still provoke him!” Xiao Fengqing sneered. His cold and gloomy smile made Nie Wushuang’s heart felt cold.

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