ATB Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Anger

He never treated her like that before, but this time he was really very angry.

“It’s Wushuang’s fault. I shouldn’t have quarreled with him.” Her face felt very painful. Nie Wushuang wiped her tears away and knelt on the ground.

“Reflects this matter carefully, and without my permission you can not get up. I thought you were smart enough and worthy of my instructions, but I never thought you are going to break my plan today! Xiao Fengqing finished his words and left.

The wind blew passed through the cold hall.  Nie Wushuang kneel for a while, and her eyes gradually blurred, her body mingled between hot and cold. And finally… she passed out.

Long time passed, there was a faint sigh coming through her ear. “Such a stupid woman…”

He held her in his arms, with her face was against his warmed chest. She tried to open her eyes but find it hard to . She could smell a faintly scents of ‘duruo’ on his body, and felt her tears flow down.

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The very next day, Nie Wushuang woke up and find herself already in bed. A bowl of steaming medicine lay on the bedside. Chun Zhi saw her wake up.. “You finally woke up. I would be in trouble if you don’t wake up again. Lord would settle account for me.”

Nie Wushuang got up, only to feel her head was heavy and her feet was unsteady.

“Quickly drink the medicine while its still hot. The doctor said…” Chun Zhi hesitated to say more.

“The doctor said that you just recently had a miscarriage but didn’t take good care of yourself. Your blood circulations and the Qi’s were unimpeded, making a cold enter the body and needed to be cured radically.” Xiao Fengqing discoursed and came in. His eyes shines like a star. His body covered by a radiant sunlight that looks like a halo does make him looks ever so handsome.

Nie Wushuang was silent for a long time. Finally, as if he knew…

Chun Zhi retreated. And in the small room, they were both remained  silent.

“Why don’t you tell me about your miscarriage?” his expression insipid while asking.

Nie Wushuang sneered. “The biological father forced me to drank a bowl of safflower to get rid of the baby. There is nothing I could say about that.”

“No wonder, why you hate him so much.” Xiao Fengqing smiled and took out an invitation card from his sleeve and handed it to her. “Last night, everything was not screwed up. This morning General Zhou rushed to send an invitation for a drink at his house, and wrote specifically that he wanted you to come with me.”

“Please take the medicine and come with me in the evening.” He brought forth the medicine and handed it to her.

“Yes.” Nie Wushuang took it all in one gulp.

“When we finish this business here, we will go back to Ying State.” Xiao Fengqing suddenly talk and stared at her with his deep eyes. Nie Wushuang heard what he said and suddenly felt bitterness in her heart.

Henceforth all hatred must be put aside, and she must leave this country away for ten thousand miles and living in a foreign country in order to come back stronger in the future!

“You can rest assured, like what I said before, one day when I get the power in my hand, you will get your revenge.” He slowly said.

Nie Wushuang looked up and smiled. “Wushuang understands.”

“What do you understand?” Xiao Fengqing asked, a pair of deep eyes so sharp, seems almost penetrating her heart.

“What wangye want is power.” She laughed happily and freely.

“No, what I want is -” He approached her, her beautiful face reflected in his deep eyes. He slowly spit out the last two words. “The World!”

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