ATB Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 Visiting Zhou Fu

At night in Zhou fu.

The sound of music and dancing, a luxurious scene. Nie Wushuang sat beside Xiao Fengqing, she ignored the wolf-eyes Zhou Ning which almost felt like stripping her naked.

“Zhou mou envy Lin gongzi who has a beauty beside him…” Zhou Ning used three points of tipsy to switched the topic.

“Ha-ha, how could that be? General Zhou also had many wives and concubines. Moreover, General Zhou has a refined manner. Many beauties definitely will admire you more than me.” Xiao Fengqing gave an insincere compliment. “Lin mou is only a horse trader. Could get along with General Zhou was really a blessing from my ancestors.”

“Ha-ha, talking about horses. the words that Lin gongzi said a few days ago still counts?” Zhou Ning seize the chances to mention it.

Nie Wushuang suddenly understood. Xiao Fengqing disguised himself as a horse trader tycoon from the Ying state. The national treasury of Qi State was depleted in recent years. The army forces didn’t have a fine breeding horses, so they could not compare to the war-horses of the Ying State. However, the control of trading horses in Ying State was extremely strict. Horse traders were generally unable to trade with other countries.

Now, Xiao Fengqing disguised as a horse trader, Zhou Ning naturally noticed and paid special attention to him , and gradually made him also approached Zhou Ning. In order to catch a big fish like Zhou Ning, Xiao Fengqing must have taken a lot of efforts.

“Of course, I already wrote a letter and sent it back, for one hundred top-quality horses are already on their way here, waiting to show General Zhou.” Xiao Fengqing said.

Zhou Ning’s mood suddenly approved after listening to Xiao Fengqing’s words. He repeatedly called servants to served foods and wine. When he was tipsy, he invited Nie Wushuang to dance again.

Nie Wushuang smiled and shook her head. “Yesterday Shuang’er danced and sprained my ankle, and today its still hurts.” She looked at him with her beautiful eyes and suddenly laughed while saying.. “I don’t know if there is any medicine in General Zhou’s fu. Would you mind Shuang’er’s reckless manners only to ask for it to subdue my pain.”

“Of course I have, back then when I went on an expeditions at Qin State…” Zhou Ning took a chance of his slightly tipsy conditions to boast his military success. Nie Wushuang felt disgusted but her bright eyes still looked expectantly and listened to him carefully.

Seeing her eyes full of admirations, made Zhou Ning’s heart felt so proud. After he finished, he hurriedly ordered servant to help Nie Wushuang to rest in his study room.

Xiao Fengqing was on the other side, fixed his eyes on the dancing in the middle of the hall as if he was infatuated by it, and completely forgot about her.

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Nie Wushuang was supported by maidservant to a study room. At that moment, in front of the study room’s door she heard a voice saying, “You go out.”  

Nie Wushuang sneered in her heart. As expected, he came!

The door of the study room was opened, and Zhou Ning came inside with a stench alcohol smell on his body. Nie Wushuang took of her embroidered shoes when she saw him coming, she smiled and said. “Shuang’er just twist my foot but General Zhou was so concerned, really make Shuang’er feel ashamed”

“No, this medicine is strong. It is better still to let Zhou mou personally rub the medicine for Shuang’er guniang.” Zhou Ning’s eyes shines like a wolf.

Nie Wushuang felt her heart fear but still forced a smile “How should I deserve this?..”

“No bother…No matter…” Zhou Ning could not control himself any longer, attempted to grab her foot. Nie Wushuang was so nervous until her face turned pale. She set her mind to be determined and calm down, smile charmingly and said. “General Zhou, please come closer.”

Zhou Ning laughed and quickly came closer. “Shuang’er guniang.”

Before he finished his words, he already collapsed to the ground.

Nie Wushuang saw that he really fainted. Her shaken hand gripped her hairpin tight and insert it back to her hair. Looking at a dope off Zhou Ning on the floor, she couldn’t help kicking him hard while scolding. “Wanton ghost!”

Then she put her shoes on and quickly searched in his study.

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