ATB Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 Away from Homeland

Xiao Fengqing’s words that day still echoed in her ear. “Zhou Ning’s has a map of the Qi State’s frontier defense, garrison troops, all of the hidden fortresses, include the battle array. I have already ascertained that this map is hidden in his study, but he hides it secretly, even a group of my secret agent couldn’t find it, but yet you can try to find it. A map could be on his writing desk or bookshelf.”

One ke (a quarter of an hour sichen) has passed, Nie Wushuang  still had no clue. Sweats had dampen her hair down to her forehead. Where is it in the end?

She meditated for a while, then turn around and rummage over Zhou Ning’s body, after a while she  stood up.

Finally she found a golden seal hanging on his neck, and on the back of the seal there was a complicated ancient scripts engraved on it.

Golden seal…? Nie Wushuang’s looked around the study, and  suddenly she saw a square carved hole on the back of chair in study.

Could it be here?

She took the golden seal and joined them by slowly pressing it.

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The wheels of the  carriage crushed over the road in a very fast speed and making a creaked sound. The weather was very clear with no clouds today, the wheat fields on both sides were green and lush. But because the carriage was tightly closed, it was so dark and gloomy inside. Nie Wushuang leaned on the cushion and wrapped herself tightly with a fox fur cloak, showing only a pale and beautiful face, and slept soundly.

Chun Zhi was sitting at the other side lost in her thoughts.

Didn’t know how long it takes,  Nie Wushuang slowly open her eyes and with a hoarse voice saying, “Water…”

Chun Zhi took the bottle of water and feed her.

“Where are we now?” Nie Wushuang while looking at the lights that penetrates from the outside.

“We arrived at Qingzhou already,  and after we will cross the Cong River and in two more days we will be in Ying State”, said Chun Zhi.

“It turns out that we already travel that far.” Nie Wushuang said then violently coughed, an abnormal blush appeared on her cheek.

“Take good care of yourself. If you become a muddled headed because of illness, Lord will ask for my life.” Chun Zhi said coldly.

“I know.” Nie Wushuang faintly smiled, a pair of beautiful eyes grew bigger because of illness. “If I’m muddled headed , how could I draw the map?”

Chun Zhi listened while glaring at her and cursing in her heart.. Sly woman!

Nie Wushuang faintly smiled, it seems like she didn’t care about it.

No wonder Xiao Fengqing couldn’t find that map, because Zhou Ning was not foolish. He hid the map at the back of the  ‘Taishi’ chair (35) and took the key with him. Even if anyone wanted to dig three chi still couldn’t find the secret room or secret box.

She found the map, looked at it carefully and then put it back where it belongs. Even if there was a strand of hair on the map , it left no traces as if nothing has touched it. After that night, she was secretly sent to Ying State by Xiao Fengqing overnight, because she was now his living map.

“I don’t understand. You can always draw the map and give it to the Lord. Its loathsome to hide it like this!” Chun Zhi snorted.

Nie Wushuang kept quiet and only looking at the wind blew carriage’s curtain. It was easy to draw the map out of her memory, but what is the result if she drew the map out? How would it be if he wanted to kill her to prevent the secret?

She dare not and doesn’t want to gamble.

She just want to protect her own life!

The scenery on both sides flew quickly, she smiled faintly. In front of her, the unfamiliar northern sceneries gradually unfolded before her eyes.

Ying State, I’m coming…

(35) 太师椅 (tài shī yǐ) an old-fashioned wooden armchair

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I give you example from Tales of Yu Pavilion.




I was strucking here 2 days at this poem, you know. It’s not a famous poem from famous people (like Li Bai or Bai Du) that already translated. Someone might say don’t bullsh** It’s easy. So, how could you (that know nothing) translate this without helping??

That’s why I must opened dictionaries and translated version novel to help me out. It’s not that easy to translate until everyone understand. Hope you also understand my sloth speed.

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Some novel that abandon for long time but no one would willing to translate it. Read this reason again.

Hopefully I would not hear s*** talks again.

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  1. I want give you a hug just to say i care and appreciates your hard works and efforts.. yes there are always bad people out there, but your readers loves you. And as your editor i am always going to be by your side, cheers you up and supporting you dear.. keep up the good spirits..👍❤😙

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  2. Omg~ Some people have the audacity to criticize people’s work. I’m frustrated for you!
    Teatime, I hope you don’t get discouraged by that rude person who messaged you. There’s always going to be people trying to bring you down. Don’t let them win. I’ll be cheering for you on the side.
    I also know how you feel about people stealing your work. I write my own original Chinese novels and found that people are posting it on different sites. It’s very discouraging indeed.
    Regardless, I just want to thank you for continuing this novel. I’ve waited months for someone to pick this back up, I can wait again. Life comes first. You do you and don’t stress about it too much ❤❤❤

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  3. Thank you Tea Time so much for your hard work in translating and bringing this great novel to us readers 🙂 !!! Do you have any other recommendations (whether there are english translations or not) of similar novels to this one?


    • The similar novel that I think to be the same is 匪我思存. Don’t know if you like her works because this is tragic story as 东宫.
      This story call 冷月如霜。Don’t know someone pick it up or not.


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